Simple and programmable SMS

Using a few lines of code, you can integrate SMS functionality into your applications and systems to start sending SMS globally. Our infrastructure is reliable, provides near-instant SMS delivery and a range of helpful features.

No-fuss signup

Signup up and start testing without dealing with contracts, sales reps or MRCs. We’re here to talk when you’re ready to scale.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use with no startup fees and no minimum monthly costs. Invoicing and volume discounts available for businesses.

Works in all projects

Swift, Rust, JavaScript, C++ — you can use the 46elks API no matter what language your codebase is written in.

Near-instant delivery reports

A simple webhook integration lets you know when your messages are delivered (or failed). This is triggered by the receiving handset itself when the message is received – "fire and forget" is not a thing here.

Global by default

Send to 215 countries without rewriting a single line of code.

Send lots of messages

Send as many SMS as you like simultaneously, without dealing with queueing logic.

High throughput

Send 100 SMS per minute by default. Higher throughput available upon request.

Turn off logging

Ensure compliance with privacy laws by requesting data not be permanently stored on our servers.

Full UTF-8 support

Send and receive messages in all languages, including Arabic and Chinese and emoji 💯

International registration

Get help registering your text sender ID in countries that require pre-registration.

One-way SMS in use

Swedish startup hub SUP46 uses One-Way SMS to inform their tenants when they have a visitor.

Sup46 logo

With over 60 companies residing at the SUP46 startup hub, their front desk was having trouble reaching the right person at a company whenever a visitor was at the front desk.

Before SUP46 integrated 46elks it was up to the receptionist to hunt down and notify the person who had a visitor. Now, everyone at the startups knows they'll get a text message if a visitor has arrived, and there's no need to download any app or use Slack channels to inform their members.

Instant feedback with SMS surveys

What did the course participants think of the course? Let them easily respond 1-10 as an SMS reply. Follow up with additional questions if you wish.

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