At 46elks we believe that the world would be a better place if more people could help out improving it. One field that can always improve is communication, be it between company and customer, between persons, or between company and employee.


The telecom world is old with lots of legacy systems and standards. It is often ill-suited to be used easily in the world were most things happen in apps and on the web. This is why 46elks tries to implement the functions of the telecom network in a simple REST API, using web standards known by most programmers.

Zero to 100 in no time!

The telecom industry does not have a standard contract for integrated and automated solutions in general. Months to years of contract negotiation is needed. The process of making the telecom industry accessible, a standard contract with pay as you go is needed, in adition to a simpe API. We solve this by a self service contract, pay as you go and payment by invoice or credit card.

Online since 2011

The 46elks service left closed beta stage and went public 2011-06-21. Since then hundreds of milions of requests has been handled by the API. Eveything from SMS, MMS, Calls, Recordings to Delivery reports and Images.