Python code showing how to make an automated phone call and a smart phone showing an incoming call

Automated Phone Calls

The 46elks API makes it super simple to automatically trigger an outgoing phone call from your existing codebase. All calls are fully programmable, meaning you can play messages, present an IVR or connect to call out to another phone.

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No-fuss signup

Sign up and start testing without dealing with contracts, sales reps or MRCs. We’re here to talk when you’re ready to scale.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use with no startup fees and no minimum monthly costs. Calls are billed per minute.

Works in all projects

Swift, Rust, JavaScript, C++ — you can use the 46elks API no matter what language your codebase is written in.

Global by default

Call to virutally any phone in the world, landline or mobile.

Dynamic call flows

Change call flows on the fly with a simple webhook integration.

Simple JSON configuration

Control exactly what happens with call actions in JSON format.

Full metadata

Metadata such as duration and cost available in the dashboard, API or webhook upon call completion.

SIP and WebRTC (beta)

Trigger automatic calls from your web app and make real phone calls over WebRTC.

Call recording built-in

Automatically record your calls by adding one line of configuration to your JSON structs.

Automated Phone Calls in use

Sensefarm uses 46elks to Send SMS and Phone Call Alerts

Sensefarm logo

Whether it is crops in a farm or trees in a city, taking care of nature is difficult and it takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to make smart decisions. Imagine a world when strawberries tell farmers when to water them. Thanks to Sensefarm this is a reality then ensures we have our strawberries in time for summer.

Staff who previously manually monitored measured values now can receive alerts from the Sensefarm cloud as SMS or Phone calls using the 46elks API.

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