Python code that shows how to send an MMS message and a smart phone receiving an MMS message of an ice cream

Send and receive MMS with ease

Send and receive images & long texts as easily as with SMS. Built-in support for receiving GPS location markers.

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No-fuss sign-up

Sign up and start testing without dealing with contracts, sales reps or MRCs. We’re here to talk when you’re ready to scale.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use with no startup fees and no minimum monthly costs. Invoicing and volume discounts available for businesses.

Works in all projects

Swift, Rust, JavaScript, C++ — you can use the 46elks API no matter what language your codebase is written in.

High throughput

Send up to 100 MMS / minute by default. Higher throughput available upon request.

Flat price per message

One single flat rate no matter how large your messages are. Payloads up to 320KB supported by default.

Automatic encoding

Give us your JPEGs and PNGs and we'll make sure they're encoded correctly for the carrier networks.

MMS-enabled numbers

MMS-enabled virtual phone numbers let you forward MMS directly to your back end via a webhook.

Instead of SMS

MMS allows for up 320,000 characters in a single message, instead of many small SMS.

Turn off logging

Ensure compliance with privacy laws by requesting data not be stored on our servers.

Get in touch

If you’re wondering how you can use 46elks for a project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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