Privacy Policy

Effective from 2018-05-20.
Published 2018-05-10.

Your privacy and the privacy of everyone you communicate with is important to 46elks. Therefore, 46elks is a registered telecommunications operator in Sweden (law 2022:482) and committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data, traffic data and communications content.

What data does 46elks store and why?

The information you provide at the time of account creation, additional contact details and other comments you have provided to us are stored in order to know who we should contact regarding the services the account uses, to meet the legal requirements for traceability required by law enforcement agencies, to be able to bill you and in order for us to be able to keep track of which businesses that use the service.

For purchases made with a credit card, the payment flow contains clear information about which external payment service you can choose to carry out your purchase with and thus transfer your card details to. We store who made the purchase, what was purchased and how the payment was made but we do not have access to or store card details - these are processed by the payment service only.

In order to be able to deliver the service that you or your application has requested, we receive data from your system in accordance with our API documentation and, in the case of incoming traffic, data from other communications networks. This data is deleted when the communication is completed. In the event that the communication cannot be completed, for example if an incoming SMS callback can not be successfully delivered, the data is deleted after at most 72 hours. This data is not stored beyond what is stated in this Privacy Policy.

We store traffic data for 60 days to fulfil our commitments as a registered telecommunications operator in accordance with Swedish law (Lagen om Elektronisk Kommunikation) and the guidelines issued by the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). Traffic data is information about which system initiated the communication, such as IP address and user agent, when the communication occurred, as well as the sender and recipient, traffic type and duration of the communication.

Additional logs about our internal systems are also stored together with traffic data in order to troubleshoot if the service does not work as intended for a customer. This troubleshooting data (hot logging) is automatically deleted after 14 days and is required to ensure the quality of our service.

By default, we also store your full 90-day traffic history for you and make it available through both the API and the dashboard. You can choose for how many days your history will be saved or completely disable traffic history storage. Details of exactly what information is stored in the history can be found in our API documentation.

All individual data points in your traffic history can be deleted via both the API and our dashboard. Settings for phone numbers, sub accounts, and all other resources in the service that may be named, contain URLs or are tagged can be changed at any time, and thus be cleared of any personal information.

Every month, a monthly report is generated that contains a specification of your usage. The reports are available in the dashboard and can be deleted whenever you wish. You can also disable the function completely.

We also collect usage statistics for each account. We do this for two reasons: to show you as a customer how you use the service and thus offer suggestions for optimized service usage, such as reduced SMS costs. And to increase our understanding of how the service is being used so we can provide a better service over time. The data points we store do not contain any personal data such as phone numbers or IP addresses.

In exceptional cases we also store additional data required in order to prevent abuse of the service. This may include information such as IP addresses, phone numbers and message content. This information may be collected about non-users as well and only for the purpose of preventing abuse.

Data is stored within the EU.

Can this policy be modified?

46elks reserves the right to modify the provisions of this Privacy Policy if deemed necessary. We will inform you of these changes by publishing the revised Privacy Policy at (original) and (translation). The revised Privacy Policy shall become effective within 30 days of being published and you have the right to cancel your account if you don’t agree with the new policy without extra charge or the need to consider any cancellation limitations.

In case there are differences between this English version and the Swedish original, the Swedish version takes precedence.