Get phone call by ID




Example JSON response
  "direction": "incoming",
  "from": "+46700000000",
  "to": "+46711234567",
  "created": "2016-11-03T09:24:24.355000",
  "actions": [
      "connect": "+4634090510",
      "result": "success"
  "start": "2016-11-03T09:24:24.333000",
  "state": "success",
  "cost": 1500,
  "duration": 15,
  "legs": [
      "duration": 14,
      "to": "+4634090510",
      "state": "success",
      "from": "+46700000000"
  "id": "c595183c042b1e43d1c8e79b9fd5cbcab"
Attribute Type Description
id string Unique ID for the call.
state string Status of the call for example "ongoing" or "success".
from string The calling part of the call E.164 format.
to string The phone number that was called in E.164 format.
start string Time the call was picked up.
created string Time in UTC when the call was created.
duration integer How long the call was in seconds.
cost integer Cost of the call. Specified in 10000s of the currency of your account. For an account with currency SEK a cost of 1500 means that the price for sending this SMS was 0.15 SEK.
direction string The direction of the call. Set to "outgoing" for calls initated by the API and "incoming" for calls initated by phones.
legs list Array of calls made during the call with call action connect.
actions list Array of actions taken by the API druing the call, like action connect or action play.