Get MMS Image by ID



Response structure

  "created": "2016-11-03T12:30:18.964000",
  "filetype": "png",
  "mmsid": "m84af96809ff8989f3668c93aaaedb69c",
  "bytes": 206210,
  "id": "m84af96809ff8989f3668c93aaaedb69c-i0",
  "digest": "c7e02bad59c63f8616fda84ac1ef689d017fa906"
Attribute Type Description
id string Unique ID for the image.
mmsid string Unique ID for the mms the image was recieved with.
bytes integer Size of the image in bytes
digest string Hex digest of the image
filetype string File type of the image
created string Time in UTC when the recording was created.