Amsterdam conferences

appsterdam tent picnic festival 2011
During september, I attended two events in amsterdam. At Picnic festival I had a workshop in appsterdam's huge and beautiful tent. they had wifi, snacks, coffee and proper desk to work the whole day while enjoying lots of speeches from different speakers. The subject of my workshop  was"value of 46elks platform for startups" in which I tried to explain how much value our platform can bring to a business by removing lots of hassles in operation and product development. While we do the heavy lifting, the entrepreneur can focus on his/her business development and daily basis operation. Amsterdam is a great city with lots of talents and potential and I am looking forward to have more cooperation with appsterdam community in the near future.

capital on stage 2011
I also had the opportunity to attend a conference called "capital on stage". in this conference lots of entrepenerus  and investor from all over Europe gathered together however with one big twist. Instead of entrepreneurs pitch about their startups, 20 investors went on stage and tried to pitch themselves in 5 min. It was a valuable experience for everybody to understand how a VC or investor thinks, what are the important factors and how to talk in each others' language. furthermore the sheer joy of talking with energetic startupers in the house of god (the conference was held in a church!) was awesome.

46elks received great interest from other startups and founders. Everybody loved the service and of course our supercool name and mascot and I do believe our platform will bring lots of opportunities for untapped markets and also removes a big hassle when it comes to implementation of Voice and SMS technologies. 46elks will come back to the netherlands soon. Stay with us for more awesome news.